“Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world”
–Martin Luther

Our prayers and praises to God are enriched when we are able to lift them up to God with music and in song.  In our worship at Trinity, we sing our praise through hymns, songs, and the responses and canticles of the liturgy.  We lift our voices here on earth to join in the worship of the angels, archangels, and the whole company of heaven, giving us a foretaste of the worship which will have no end.

Trinity’s music ministry is ably led by Skip Hall, who has served us as our Parish Musician since 1972.  He leads our congregation in worship as our organist and is the director of our choirs and coordinates the musical offerings of the congregation.

Musical Opportunities:

Vocal Groups:
Currently, Trinity has two singing groups which enhance our worship services through their vocal gifts.

The Senior Choir is a group of singers who mainly sing choral pieces in vocal parts, similar to that often found in many church choirs.  It is a wonderful group which learns and grows musically together.

The Trinity Singers is a group which mainly sings pieces in unison melody, with pieces selected often from music of a “spiritual” or “gospel” variety.

Both groups are open to interested singers.  Please speak with Skip Hall about joining either group.


Instrumental Music: Those who have talents with various musical instruments are also welcome to share them with us in worship.  Instrumentalists often give special musical offerings during the service, accompany the choirs, and enrich the singing of hymns.  Feel free to speak with Skip Hall about sharing your musical gifts and talents with us and with the Lord.

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