Fellowship Events Out in the Community

As a church family, we want to be able to not only share the joy we have in being with one another as we gather together at church but to share in that joy anywhere we may find ourselves gathered together.  It is good for us to have opportunities to share our fellowship with others outside of our church’s walls and give people a glimpse of who we are: followers of Jesus who love each other, who love others, and who even love to have fun together.

Two new fellowship opportunities are planned, and we hope that they will become regular events for our Trinity family and our friends and acquaintances.  All are welcome!

Trinity on the Town:
What is it? Trinity On the Town is a time for us all to get together outside the church walls for fellowship and fun!

When is it? Saturday, October 6th at 4PM till ???

Where do we meet? TGI Fridays, 6460 Capitol Drive, Greenbelt, MD

Who’s buyin’? A bunch of German Lutherans are going Dutch for this event!!!

Please bring a friend or two so we can show off what is great about being a member of Trinity!!!  Families and kids are welcome!!!

Fellowship and Study in the Neighborhood:
We look forward to gathering for times of fellowship, fun, and food for both body and soul.  Bring yourself and your friends for a time of getting to know one another and to grow together as we look at God’s Word.

Our first gathering will be held on Tuesday, October 16th at Ledo’s Restaurant, 4509 Knox Road, College Park, MD 20740.  We will gather at 6:30 PM for a bite to eat, have time for fellowship and conversation, and then a bit of time in the Word.  Bring an appetite to be fed with good food, good company, and growth in the Lord.

Reservations are not required, but letting us know who will be coming in advance would be helpful so we can get enough space at the restaurant for everyone.  Dinner will be “dutch”, and we’ll have a few appetizers ordered to get things started. Please contact Rick Hudson at redneck7307@gmail.com or cell phone 240-638-6307 or the church office at trinity-elc-office@verizon.net, phone: 301-864-4340, and let us know if you will be joining us.

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